Top 10 Romantic Love Shayari in Hindi for Girl Friend

Romantic Love Shayari – Would you like to Express your Love with Romantic Shayari but you are confused which love shayari should i sent to my Girl Friend. Don’t Worry. This is the Perfect place for Find Romantic Hindi Love Shayari for Your Girl Friend and She will happy when she received your Romantic Shayari.

1) Best Hindi Love Shayari for GF

Uske Sath Rehte Rehte Uski Chahat Si Ho Gayi Hai
Usse Baat Karte Karte Mujhe Uski Aadat Si Ho Gayi Hai,
Ek Pal Na Mile Toh Bechani Si Lagti Hai
Dosti Nibhate Nibhate Usse Mohabbat Si Ho Gayi Hai!

2) Hindi Romantic Shayari for Her

Batane ko jo bekarar hai wo bat batane do jara,
Mohabbat ka ikrar hume karne do jara,
Rakhenege tumhe apni jindgi apni jaan bana kar
Bas pyar ka izhaar karne do jara.

3) Love Shayari For Girlfriend

Pyar koi barish ka nam nhi Jo barse aur tham jaaye,
Pyar suraj bhi nahi Jo chamke aur doob jaye,
Pyar to naam hai saans ka Jo chale toh zindagi
aur Ruke toh maut ban jaaye..!!

4) Romantic Love Shayari For Girlfriend

Teri kuch aisi aadat si ho gai hai hume,
Had se jayada ab teri jarurat ho gayi hai hume.

Nashe ki lat nhi hai per,
Teri aankho mein jo nasah hai us nashe ki aadat ho gayi hai hame.

Teri adaon ne bhi mara hai aise hume,
Ki khud ko bhul tujh chahne ki aadat ho gayi hai hame.

5) Very Romantic Shayari For Girl

Tumse kitni mohabbat hai ye main bata nahi sakta…
Apni zindagi mein tumhari ehmiyat jata nahi sakta ..
Meri zindagi ka har lamha tumhi se shuru hota hai..
Tumse door reh ke ek pal bhi akele bita nahi sakta …
Mumkin hai main khud ko bhool jaaun,
Par tumhe bhulna ki khata main kar nahi sakta…
Tum mere dil me hi nahi mere rag- rag me base ho,
Tumse bichhad ke main ye zindagi jee nahi sakta…..

6) Cute Romantic Shayari for Her

Mein Tod Leta Agar Tum Gulab Hoti,
Main Jawab Banta Agar Tum Sawal
Sabhi Jante Hai Ki Mein Nasha Nahi
Fir Bhi Pee Lete Agar Tum Sharaab

7) Real Romantic Sms Shayari For Girlfriend

Ek chahat hai meri tumse pyari bat ho,
Jara jara khamosh ho or lambi rat ho,
Or fir os raat yhi batate rahe tum ko
Ki tum meri jindgi meri kainat ho.

8) Lovely Romantic Shayari For Cute Girlfriend

Pyari teri bate mujh hasa deti hai,
Tujh se dooriya mujh saza deti hai,
Roshni banke aayi hai tu meri jindgi mein
Teri chahat teri wafa bata deti hai.

9) Cute Love Shayari For Gf

Tere Bina Tutkar Bikhar Jayenge,
Tum Mil Gaye To Gulshan Ki Tarah Khil Jayenge,
Tum Na Mile To Jite Ji Mar Jayenge,
Tumhe Paa Liya To Markar Bhi Jee Jayenge.

10) Romantic Shayari for Her to Impress

Pyaar wo ehsaas hai jo mitata nahi,
Pyaar wo parwat hai jo jhukta nahi,
Pyaar ki keemat kya hai humse pucho,
Pyaar wo anmol hira hai jo bikta nahi…

Romantic novels have over the years had a little of a nasty press. There square measure even articles written by learned medics and professors suggesting they’re dangerous for women’s health! to not mention the claims by several women’s teams that they’re anti-feminist and promote and enhance the difference between the genders.

When I cross-check a number of the ‘romance’ novels that are out there of the recent past, as well as people who square measure categorized as ‘romance’ however square measure in truth as far-flung from the conception in concert might imagine, it’s simple to visualize why such negative conclusions are often drawn regarding romantic novels. usually, the heroine is a few dependent pathetic girl World Health Organization could not probably survive while not the love of ‘her man’. Or the ladies square measure portrayed as sex fiends prepared at the man’s motion and involve his pleasure alone. hardly ever enough square measure they portrayed as freelance robust characters, World Health Organization have a mind of their own and do not need to suppose or act as they’re ordered to by the hero. only too usually they’re meek, timid, and nervous or in distinction, they’re there to feed the man’s ego and see to his each want.

I have lost count of the quantity of times i might purchase a unique as a result of the promotion plumbed fantastic, however i might surrender before I even got [*fr1] manner through as a result of i might encounter constant recent traits. It should be doable to own a heroine World Health Organization includes a robust mind and spirit, and World Health Organization does not blindly comply with everything the hero says or needs, however, somebody World Health Organization is additionally romantic, or are often polar to a fine looking romance.

The on top of rather sorry state of affairs is what leads ME to suppose it’s time for a recent approach on novels that trot out matters of the center. we’d like a lot of stories that provide equal focus, or so a bigger degree of importance to the girl, so she will be able to be the choice maker, the one that decides however once and wherever the happy ending are going to be.

Romances ought to be a lot of ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ in each sense. ladies nowadays should still not get on Associate in Nursing equal footing to their male counterparts within the home or work, however things square measure abundant improved and this trend can hopefully continue.

So the time has return to own a mini romance revolution. i feel the readers can realize it refreshing.

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