Love Shayari for Girlfriend in Hindi

Love Shayari for Your Love – You are in love and your girlfriend angry with you. How to make your girlfriend happy. you are so confused. This is the perfect place to make happy your girlfriend. Send Beautiful Hindi Love Shayari for your Girlfriend and she will happy. Enjoy again your love life.

1) Cute Love Shayari for Girlfriend

Dekho Meri Aankhon Mai Khawaab Kis k Hai,
Dekho Mere Dil Mai Toofan Kis k Hai,
Tum Kehte Ho Mere Dil Ke Raste Se Koi Nahi Guzra,
To Phir Yeh Pairon Ke Nishan Kiske Hain……..

2) Hindi Love Shayari for GF

Tere Her Dukh Ko Apna Bana Lu,
Tere Har Ghum Ko Dil Se Laga Lu,
Mujhe Karni Aati Nahi Chori Warna,
Mai tere Aankho Se Har Aansu Chura Lu…

3) Romantic Love Shayari for Her

Kaise kahe ki aap kitni khubsurat hai,
Kaise kahe ki hum aap pe marte hai,
Ye to sirf mera dil hi janta hai,
Ki hum aap pe hamari jawani qurban karte hai…

3) Love Shayari for My Girlfriend

Pada Na Fark Anokhi Zuban Likhne Se,
Zamin Zamin Hi Rahi Asman Likhne Se,
Raha Jisse Taluk Har Ghadi Mera,
Wo Ban Na Saki Meri Jaan Jaan Likhne Se……..

3) love shayari in hindi for girlfriend

Itne Kareeb Na Aao K Apna Bana Lu Tumko,
Hr Gum Ki Tarah Dil Me Chupa Lu Tumko,
Bevajah Jee Raha Hu Zindagi Main Ab Tk,
Kahin Jeene Ki Vajah Na Bana Lu Tumko….

3) love shayari in hindi for lover

Aaj mera har ek pal khoobsurat hai,
Dil mein sirf teri hi surat hai,
Kuch bhi kahe ye duniya gum nahi,
Duniya se jyada hamein teri jarurat hai……….

3) Emotional Love Shayari in Hindi

Tere pyar me kahin main shayar na ban jau,
mohabbat hai aapse se itni kahi kushi se pagal na ho jau,
kuda se yahi dua hai aap sada salamat rahe,
or hum tum hamesha sath sath rahe….

3) Romantic Love Shayari for Her

Aashiq ne pucha khuda se,
Tune duniya ko pyaar ka dushman kyu bana diya
Khuda bola aashiqo ne kaunsa mere saath accha kiya,
Unhone ne bhi toh yaar ko khuda bana diya…

L O V E – this word should be one amongst the foremost used words within the human world, no matter the language or culture. however there area unit numerous totally different meanings to the current one straightforward word. This word is employed usually altogether languages to specific a people word. it’s arduous to outline this word universally, though all speak it and exercise it however totally different folks could adopt a distinct perspective or depth of it. The breadth and depth of the word “love” will be thus wide that it defies definite that means.

It is sometimes outlined as a kind of feeling that one has towards somebody or one thing or some scenario. It may well be directed to some positive sentiment. it’s been noted that love will modification over time.

There area unit many sorts of affection, however, two main one’s area unit impersonal love and social love.

Impersonal love
An impersonal love is a few sentiment that’s acted on by someone towards a non-human like a principle, object or goal that the person is nicely smitten by or has a great commitment to. Impersonal love will have one love some an easy object like nightclothes even, or animals just like the ‘dog being a man’s best friend’ or activities like golf or lawn tennis, wherever time and energy area unit endowed into that focus. it’s impersonal as warmheartedness is poured into things and animals rather than folks.

Interpersonal love
Interpersonal love could be a sentiment that exists between 2 or a lot of humans. it’s sometimes a powerful feeling of 1 person towards another; thus, it’s concerned in human relationships sometimes between folks that grasp one another or have some reasonably relationship like spouses, partners, family, friends, colleagues and therefore the like.

Love has been a favourite on the various aspects of life, be it philosophy, religion, science and science. there’s a ne’er ending study to know what it actually is and the way it actually works. There are several theories as there area unit several development occurrences like the kill love of a mother for her kid.

Positivity is taken with
When 2 parties claim to be taken with, it’s necessary to exhibit your claim. Doing things for each other is one certain thanks to show your love is true and not simply mere words. There area unit some languages of affection – location nice things regarding the one you’re keen on, doing one thing nice for the one you’re keen on, provides a listening ear to your idolised ones, giving one thing to please your idolised ones and touching your idolised ones gently. Being positive regarding your idolised ones in each means helps build up your love for one another; even in straightforward things like asking your opinion on a dress or donning the attractive nightclothes that you simply like.
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