Poem For The Man I Love

Poems concerning Love speak about the fervor, desire, and vulnerability of being in love.

Romantic relationships are the spice of life, they make the US feel alive in an exceedingly manner that nothing else will. Genuine romance exists once 2 individuals show that they care for one another through little acts heart} and affection. We feel adored and cared for once we tend to understand that our spouse is brooding about the way to provide the US the foremost pleasure. Romance is the key to keeping the sparks flying. Without it, any relationship will shortly lose its shine.

A million stars up in the sky
one shines brighter I can’t deny
A love thus precious a love so true
a love that comes from me to you
The angels sing when you square measure close to
within your arms, I have nothing to concern
You always apprehend simply what to mention
just talking to you makes my day
I love you honey with all of my heart
together forever & never to part.

This poem speaks for Pine Tree State. I met my boyfriend 5 years past and we tend to area unit along for eight months currently. He is everything I want. I can’t imagine however my life would be while not him. He is so sensible to Pine Tree State and that I love him endlessly. He writes poems about Pine Tree State, but I am not the sort that writes. I’ll browse this to him. Thank you!

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