Wishes Happy Holi with Beautiful Messages

Holi is one of the Hindu Colorful Festival in India. wish your loved ones with bright colors and happy Holi SMS, Message

Holi ke rang bikhrenge,
Sang piya hum ab bheegenge,
Holi mein aur bhi rang hoga Mere piya jab mere sang hoga !!

Shradha sadbhawna masti aur bhaichare ka hai tyohar,
Rango se jode mohabbat ke taar,
Har taraf ho rango ki bahar,
Wish you a Happy Holi

Khana Pina Rang Udana Is Rang Ki Dhundh me hame na bhulana.
Geet Gao Khoshiya manao Bolo mithi boli hamari tarafse Aapako HAPPY HOLI…………

Kadam kadam per khushian rahe,
Gum se kabhi na ho samana,
Jindagi main har pal khushiyan nasib ho,
Meri taraf se holi ki subhakamana…………

Holi Hai Gulal Ki Khela Kijiye,
Rang Bhare Hai Pyar Se Aur Khela Kijiye,
Saal Ka Tyohar Hai Rang Dala Kijiye,
Dost Yaar Milke Khub Mauj Kijiye,
Holi Hai Gulal Ki Khela Kijiye,
Holi Hai Gulal Ki Khela Kijiye

Bhar pichkari bauchar jo mari..
bhegi chunri, bhegi saree..
apne hi rang mai rangwana hai..
holi aj mnana hai…
happy holi bhabhi, bhaiya, sali..

Holi is one among the foremost in style festivals of Asian nation and it’s most noted for its exuberance, high-spiritedness and in fact its spirited colours. Holi is actually a singular competition as there’s no such similar competition that is celebrated in alternative elements of the planet. Being such a singular competition, Holi isn’t solely in style in Asian nation however additionally everywhere the planet. Holi is all concerning colours and it’s this reverberance that creates Holi therefore very talked-about. the most custom of Holi involves smearing and golf stroke color powders or coloured water on friends and family. Holi is one competition that provides limitless fun and pleasure.

Holi could be a celebration of colours however it’s celebrated in pure white garments. As ironic because it could appear, this tradition of white Holi garments has been followed since a few years. There lies a straightforward reason behind the tradition of white garments for Holi. not like coloured garments, pure white garments provide a higher visibility of all the Holi colours that has been applied on the person sporting. The custom of white garments on Holi is simply for pure fun and is empty any religious or non secular connotation. White garments on Holi adds to the fun of Holi celebration as an individual is dressed up in pristine white garments and in an exceedingly matter of minutes, there is not one white patch to be seen on the outfit. White Kurtas for men and white Kurtis for girls ar in style things of wear for Holi. there is a immense demand for these within the market few days before Holi.

A popular and ancient Holi outfit for men is shirt pants or Churidar Kurtas in alternative lightweight shades like cream, beige, off-white, etc. Cotton Kurtas, Cotton shirt pants, Cotton Churidar shirt, etc ar few in style Holi garments for men. Holi garments in cotton ar extremely most well-liked since it makes the person sporting it feel snug amidst all the chaotic celebrations. ladies ar noticed in Holi garments like white Kurtis paired with trousers or leggings, white trousers tunic, white Churidar Suit or white saris paired with white Saree shirt. Since Holi garments ar basically one-time wear, nothing fancy or exquisite is chosen for the day since there would not be any chance of sporting an equivalent outfit once more. Plain and easy white cotton garments build the right Holi garments as they’re snug and ideal for celebrating the competition of colours.

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