Elephant Festival in Jaipur 2017

About Elephant Festival: Respect towards each living being whether or not it’s human or associate degree animal has been the bottom of Indian society. This base is once more associated with varied Indian festivals that type the essential a part of the cultural society. Elephant pageant celebrated within the Pink town of Rajasthan is that the best example of Indian beliefs. it’s the far-famed festivals of Rajasthan during which Elephant is taken into account because of the spiritual being of Lord Hindu deity. This in style festivals of Rajasthan is command each year on the day of Holi in March.

The Elephant Festival in Jaipur is one in every of the foremost expected and in style pageant. once is that the Elephant pageant has its own charm that is organized each year in the month of move occasion of Holi pageant(the festival of colors) within the far-famed Chaugan ground of Jaipur. during this pageant, the Elephants become the foremost attractions. The Elephant pageant begins with a gorgeous procession of adorned elephants, camels, horses, people dancers and with filled with music programs. The house owners of the Elephant with pride embellish their elephants with spirited colors, jhools (saddle clothes) and serious jewelry.

Generally the feminine elephants carrying anklets, that tinkle once they walk. The prizes area unit distributed for the foremost stunning adorned elephant. completely different competitions area unit organized to get pleasure from the pageant to its full like Elephant polo, Elephant race, the tug-of-war between Elephant and nineteen men and girls area unit the enticing events of the pageant in Rajasthan. The Elephant pageant in Rajasthan is incredibly completely different and special for the tourists.

Top attractions: that includes Elephant as its major highlight the Elephant pageant includes several attention-grabbing events as a part of the cultural festivals Rajasthan. Elephants being the middle of attraction area unit adorned during a most wonderful vogue. Mahouts the caretakers of elephants embellish the foreheads, ears, tusks and alternative elements of elephants in attractive approach. Elephants pomaded in associate degree exceptional vogue along side alternative animals like camels and horses is that the main reason that conjures up tourists to go to Rajasthan each year.

How it’s celebrated: The exclusive vary of future fairs and festivals Rajasthan consists of many cheerful events. Elephant polo, Elephant dance along side the attention-getting procession of esthetically adorned horses, camels and people dancers wins the center of the many guests.
Elephant pageant enclosed within the Rajasthan pageant list conjointly embrace events like tug of war, worship of Elephant as Lord of Hindu deity and far a lot of activities performed by the locals.

What folks do: Elephant pageant is marked within the list of festivals of Rajasthan in March which incorporates several events. The pageant has several things to try to to for tourists wherever they’ll treat their eyes with wonderful visual sights of adorned elephants with gulaal besprent over their head. except looking at traveler will get pleasure from special tours in Rajasthan and take along side them a number of the souvenirs from pageant although looking. Last however not the smallest amount, savoury cooking on the big day may be the most attraction. With all this fantastic things pageant calendar Rajasthan 2017 goes to be one in every of its kind.

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan Asian country.

Time of pageant: each year usually in month of move the eve of Holi that is renowned because the pageant of colours.

Significance of the pageant: options Elephant Polo, Elephant Dance, camels, horses, people dancers and with filled with music programs.

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